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ASP Tshirt


ASP Tshirt


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Unisex Sizing

Gender labels on shirts is soooooo 2005. Everyone will love the fit of this classic shirt style.

Shoulder To
Shoulder Taping

Reinforces the stitching for a long lasting shirt, plus no annoying exposed stitching to rub on your shoulders.

Side Seams, Retail Fit

No tubular design here (because human beings are not tubes). Quality stitching ensures a great fit, every time.

4.3 oz 60% Combed and Ringspun Cotton

…that’s a lot of fancy jargon to say
that it’s a soft shirt.

40% Polyester Blend

100% cotton shrinks. 100% polyester can feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag. But a nice blend with cotton? Now you’re talking t-shirt nirvana (not to be confused with the same Nirvana t-shirt everyone had in the late 90’s).

30 Single Thick Premium Yarn

You’re still reading this? Man, you must love t-shirts as much as we do! Basically this means that it’s a premium quality fiber weave. But you probably already knew that.

One of Our Favorite Shirts

Technically we’re not supposed to have favorites, but come visit us to try this shirt on and tell us it’s not the best $4 shirt you’ve ever worn. Go ahead! We’ll wait.

…did you try it? Great shirt, right?! So what are you waiting for, let’s print up some magic today!

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