Becca Lee



Help support Becca’s journey to compete at the American Open this December with the purchase of these limited edition t-shirts!

Help me on my journey to compete on the National Stage at the American Open Weightlifting Championships 2015 Dec 3-6 in Reno, Nevada. I am humbled to have the opportunity to compete as, and alongside, national level weightlifters for the first time. This not a master’s only event. I will be competing with the top weightlifters in our country! The road to the American Open for me has not been easy this year, dropping a weight class while having to meet a 14kg total increase over last year’s qualifying total has demanded my full attention in terms or training, nutrition and recovery. As a full time working coach and massage therapist who is also a master’s athlete, I am lucky if I have time and energy for 5 training sessions per week. I get to train with the best coach and community in Asheville NC whose energy has helped me in achieving this goal. The purchase of my shirt will go directly to transport and lodging funds for the American Open. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the shirt!

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