Car and Trailer Wraps in Asheville, North Carolina

Car and Trailer Wraps in Asheville, North Carolina

Why consider wrapping your car, truck or van?
The real question is why not?

When trying to promote your brand, this is one of the best ways to ensure visibility. You’re already driving everyday, why not show off your logo and brand at the same time? Essentially, think of your car as a moving billboard. The more you drive, the more exposure you have for your business. It also shows the world you’re serious about your brand, with a level of quality and professionalism that can’t be beat.

Overall, it is a proven return of investment.

Before you wrap your vehicle, ask yourself these questions.

Things to consider:
Is your vehicle reliable?
Does it have good mileage?
No dings and/or damage?

After you’ve discovered your vehicle is a perfect candidate for car or trailer wrap, you can decide between a couple of options depending on your goals. Check out the pros and cons of a partial wrap and full wrap below:



A more budget friendly option. It saves money and can work if the color of your car already matches your branding. However, if the color of your car doesn’t match, there is a risk of clashing with the wrap itself. It can look great on just the back of the vehicle or just the side doors and windows. Check out the pictures below showing some examples.


You love your brand and want to completely show it off. A full wrap especially works great for larger vehicles and trailers. Food trucks and vans in particular will get a huge amount of exposure with a full wrap. That being said, no matter the size of your vehicle a full wrap will give you the most bang for your buck. Remember that moving billboard we mentioned earlier? This is what we’re talking about. Your vehicle will essentially become your brand, and fully represent who you are no matter where you go. Think of the exposure at all sorts of events including festivals, concerts, competitions etc.

Check out some pictures of fully wrapped vehicle below:

Here at Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing, we’re a one stop print shop. We can promote your brand in a hundred different ways including but not limited to t-shirts, stickers, hats, mugs, ponchos…even personalized lighters. Seriously, we do it all. However, if you want the world to see your brand in a way that’s completely unique, it’s time to wrap your vehicle. Come into the shop today for a quote! We’re here to help.

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