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Five Things To Consider When Pricing Screen Printing

We at Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing have found that many of our customers aren’t too sure how pricing works from Screen Printer to Screen Printer. I’ll tell you a little secret: Pricing is configured almost the same way for every printer – the only differences are usually in how each company chooses to display their pricing. Some printers will line item each and every aspect that goes into your print job, and others will keep it pretty simple. With a lot of local printers you are likely to see charges such as: art/design work, screen charges, blank items, shipping, color change charges. Our take is: the less confusing the better. Below is a breakdown of how your print job is priced out, as well as a few tips in how to make the best choice for your Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing needs.

Screen Printing Pricing is Determined by 5 Key Factors:

Item Style – The blank garment that you’re going to print on can vary significantly in price. This piece of your project is all about quality. Shirts, for instance, can vary in price from as little as $3 per piece to over $20 per piece. The price depends on the current market rate, the fabric composition, and even the cut or style of the shirt you want to print on. Our experience has shown the better the quality of the product you are printing on, the more likely you are going to have consistent and loyal brand ambassadors.

Tip: Make sure you do your research. Check out the brand and style for some of your favorite shirts. Everyone loves a new favorite shirt!

Quantity per Style – In addition to the item style you choose, there is also the question of quantity. Buying in bulk has always garnered more purchasing power. Basically, the more you buy, the lower the price per item. This is why we always encourage our customers that are ordering print for their business to consider the price points. While you may only need 50 shirts right now, you may need 50 more in only a month or two. Why not go for the full 100 at first and save on your order?

Tip: Plan ahead! Make sure you have a plan when ordering merchandise for your business.

Color of Item – This one may seem a little strange. What most people don’t understand about this pricing criteria is that the darker the shirt, the more ink we’ll need to layer on for the print to come out solid and clear. This ultimately means more time is involved in printing your shirts. Most people love their logo on a dark shirt (and we do too!), but always remember that a dark shirt costs a little extra to print.

Tip: Pay attention to your customers! Make sure you get a sense for the tastes and preferences of your followers. It’s not Facebook creeping – it’s market research!

Number Of Ink Colors Being Printed On The Front – Screen printing is an artful process. Our printers carefully consider each and every design that we work with. Your design gets broken down by colors and also by layers. Once the job is organized, we carefully set up screens for each and every color step we need to make to achieve your final design. Each color step also requires a pass through our flash dryer so the inks don’t mix. As you can tell, this process takes time. The more colors, the more time. Your vibrant and exciting logo is awesome! We just need you to know that it can’t be printed with one screen or one swipe of ink.

Tip: Always ask yourself: Is simpler better? It may not be, but make sure you’re considering your options carefully.

Number Of Ink Colors Being Printed On The Back – The back of your shirt is also another number of steps in the printing process. Once we’re finished with the front, and it’s made a run through our dryer, we get set up for the back and the process goes all over again.

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