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How To Choose The Best Font For Your Design

How To Choose The Best Font
For Your Design

Font is a very important aspect of design. The font you choose can make or break your design and so it is necessary to pick a typeface that compliments your look. Choosing the right font for your design can be hard so we at Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing have come up with a few tips to help pick the right one for you!

1. Goal

What is the goal of your design? What you are promoting is a good factor in choosing a typeface. Are you selling a product, promoting a business, or advertising an event? Design for a festival differs from design for a corporate event, so the fonts you choose to compose your design can help to achieve your goal and draw in the proper audience. Knowing your audience and region also helps a lot with choosing your font. Are you in a region that’s full of creatives? If so, an original and unique type can help you stand out and draw the crowd you need. Are you in an area that’s full of corporate professionals? If you are, then a very clean and sleek type will most likely fit well with your design goal.

2. Feel

The feel of your design goes hand in hand with the goal of your design. Are you trying to be fun and exciting or serious and professional? There are thousands of fonts online that we can help you choose from that will go with the overall feel of your design. Font styles range from very professional and clean cut serif fonts all the way to illustration-inspired types. If you find a font that you like but it isn’t the exact way you want it, our designers can help and tweak it up to your exact needs. Whatever the look you are going for, there is a font that will definitely go well with it!

3. Type of Printing

The type of printing you choose can also be a deciding factor in what font you use. Business card designs or small patches would sometimes need simpler type design than a poster or t-shirt because of the smaller canvas size. On the other hand, large posters will typically need bigger fonts because smaller and tightly set font could get lost in a large design.

4. Get Feedback

Feedback is the most important part of choosing a font. With the multitude of fonts available for you to use, it may be hard for you to narrow your choice down to one exact font. Once you’ve picked out a few options it is really good to get feedback from people you know or a small group of people that fall into your target audience. Getting an opinion from them can help you choose the exact font that will enhance your design and send the right message.

Whatever type of font you need, Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing is here to help you choose and design the right font for your design!


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