Live Printing

Upgrade Your Event with Live T-Shirt Printing

Is your business or club planning a big spring/summer event? Now is the time to reserve Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing’s Live T-Shirt Printing services, before the busy season gets booked.

Live t-shirt printing: here’s how it works

  1. You contact us and let us know your event date, time, and expected attendance
  2. We work together to come up with a design (we can use yours or create one for you)
  3. We show up at your event with our equipment and booth set up. We print shirts on demand and sell them directly to your attendees. Each customer can pick their own size and color of shirt. No hassle, no risk, no unsold shirts, everybody wins!

asheville live t-shirt printing

Benefits to your business or organization

Offer custom t-shirts at your event, and you’ll be advertising on the backs of your attendees all year long.

You’ll have minimal – even zero – out of pocket expenses by working with us. You’ll also dramatically reduce your own time and effort, since we’ll be taking care of all the ordering and stocking.

Your guests will get a fully interactive experience — they pick their shirt, their art placement, and watch it get printed live. Let us wow your crowd!

We love partying it up in Asheville!

Live Printing Examples

We understand the importance of professionalism and enthusiasm!

Wherever we go — whether it’s the Asheville Wing War, Barnaroo, The Goombay Festival, The Hot Chocolate 10K – we bring excellent customer service and unmatched energy.


Jacob is the Founder and CEO of Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing. When not working and dreaming of print, Jacob enjoys hiking, reading, exercising and enjoying the amazing food and beer in Asheville. An entrepreneur since childhood, Jacob is passionate about entrepreneurship and small businesses. To learn more about Jacob, check out