Promotional products can take you to the next level. Whether you’re promoting your new business, showing appreciation to your staff, or treating your long­term customers to a give­away, there’s a lot of items to choose from. If you’re used to idea of t­shirts or stickers, here’s a few more off the beaten path:

1. Tote Bags-

Always handy to have on your way to the grocery store or library, why not put your company tote to better use by incorporating your logo or custom screen print? You can go high or low­end on tote bags, from a stylish font to a simple logo on white canvas. Tote bags are a repeat­/re-use item, meaning your message gets out and stays out. Inexpensive, awesome gifts? We’ll totes design one for you!

promo bages -asheville screen printers

2. Pens

Affordable, versatile and easy to drop off just about anywhere, branded pens are one of the best products to use when trying to increase exposure throughout the local community. Pens provide a useful way to spread your name, business address and a high­ quality image wherever your daily business, or that of your customers, takes you.

3. Tumblers

Take your logo or print on the go! Branded tumblers, water bottle, thermoses or travel cups make a great promotional product. Another repeat and re0­use and repeat and ­view option, tumblers provide a unique way to advertise a colorful, interesting design.

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Most everyone has a lot on their plate these days. Maybe you have so much on your to-do list that a simple, easy concept like creating and branding a company logo has fallen tothe wayside. Don’t worry, we can help. Four reasons you’ll definitely want a logo to fit your vision:

1. Utility

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Once a logo has been created, incorporation into any future design elements is a snap. A logo can be printed on different tees as an everyday work uniform, placed on a bumper, or slapped up on a popular bar’s fridge as a sticker.

2. Repeat Viewings

logo design benefits asheville screen printing


Your budget goes farther with custom products that include yournew logo­­especially if printed on an item like a mug or t­shirt that can be used again and again. As you gain clients, your logo will start popping up everywhere, each sighting a reminder that you are open for business! Even though promotional products like flyers or posters have their purpose, they can be easily thrown away before many see them. With repeat ­view items, your logo makes each cent worth it.

3. Vision-­Glue 



Don’t forget the benefits of the process of logo design. Creating an image that represents your brand or company in a succinct, catching and bold way forces you to question your vision, hone in on particular details and zoom out to see the larger symbol of what you’reafter. A logo can act as a glue, holding together the pieces of your business in a holistic image. To be successful in today’s competitive and diverse world, it’s important to creatively think about your branding. A logo can help you do just that!

4. Team Morale

business logo design asheville screen printing


Having a company logo is a quick and easy way to boost team morale and spirits. Who doesn’t need a friendly reminder of why they do what they do? This reminder, in the form of a fresh, bright logo can be applied to t­shirts, mugs, posters and more, brightening workplace memos or used as prizes at the company holiday party.


January 20, 2016



Jacob Ballard


Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing

1328 Patton Ave, Suite B,

Asheville NC 28806

Office: (828) 575-2044


Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing expands into storefront on Patton Ave; Grand Opening party to be held February 11, 2016.


West Asheville, NC – Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing, a local, full-service printing company has expanded into a storefront at 1238 Patton Avenue, Suite B.


The almost 2 year-old company had previously been operating in facilities at a smaller location. Despite these humble origins, the company has already printed shirts for some of the most notable businesses in the area – Hi Wire Brewing, Roots Hummus, Catawba Brewing, Oskar Blues, 98.1 The River, and Rockys Chicken Shack, just to name a few.


“The new space means better visibility and a more accommodating place, right in the heart of beautiful West Asheville” says Jacob Ballard, Founder & Co-Owner.  “We can’t wait to become more active with artists in the community.”


The increased size of the facility is also a boom to production. Co-Owner and Head Printer Timm Watrous explains, “We’ll be able to fit in a second press, which will help us a lot with turnaround times and specialty printing.”


In their quest to be Asheville’s premier t-shirt and speciality printer, Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing is also improving its web presence. Their new website, focusing on the customer experience, launched this month featuring an e-commerce store. In addition, the company is one of the only in the area to provide onsite live printing services. You’ll find their booth at events like the Hot Chocolate 10K, The Goombay Festival, Asheville Wing Wars and more.


The public is invited to celebrate the company’s expansion at the Grand Opening party on Thursday, February 11th, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. There will be free food and drinks, live printing, and a t-shirt sale featuring designs by local artists such as Evans Prater (MountInspiration.com) and Stu Helm. There will also be giveaways and a lucrative raffle – the winner gets 24 t-shirts printed with their design or business logo.




Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing has five full-time employees and is open 9-5, Monday through Friday. They offer full-service screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, and digital printing services.