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The Best Hat For Your Brand or Business

The Best Hat For Your Brand or Business

Hats can come in all shapes and sizes…from the classic trucker, snuggly beanies, and even the dad hat, all of these can be a fashionable way to rep your brand. Below are the ways you can do exactly that, keeping in mind what you can get for the quality as well as the price.


Love it or hate it. We try not to do more than a 1 color screen print, but as you can see in the picture above, 2 colors are possible.The downside is that your logo won’t be as durable over time compared to a patch. However, this option will be the most cost effective, and works the best on our soft foam trucker hat. Check out one of our most options in that style: VC700


This is more of the classical look for hats. It does require converting the logo into a thread count (think pixels to threads), so there is an extra digitization fee. However, your logo will feel like it’s a permanent part of the hat, as you can see in the picture above. Because it’s stitched in it can create some interesting line work. Check out a popular hat option for embroidery here.

Woven Labels

Woven labels are a premium choice. They not only have a nicer finish, but they work well on hats (those snuggly beanies especially), and also on sleeves and bottom collars. They are hand sewn by our own seamstress, and customers will especially appreciate the look and feel of these labels. They will bring the retail value of the hat way up. Here is a popular beanie option that would love a woven label to accessorize it.


If you want your brand front and center with a soft feel and quality finish, patches are the choice for you. We have the option of a woven patch, a supple and flexible way to attach the design on the hat of your choice. These are also hand sewn by our seamstress, and will be completely retail ready when you pick them up. Because the quality of the patch is so high, the value of the hat itself goes way up as well. Not only can you sell these at a much higher price, your customers won’t be able to buy them fast enough. Here is an option that would work great with a patch.

All of our favorite hats are listed below, varying between the trucker, snapback, dad hat (classic baseball), and beanie. Want to find out more about our hats and which ones work well for your brand? Send us an inquiry and we’ll be sure to provide all the info you need. Remember, we’re a one stop shop and hats are only the tip of the iceberg. At Asheville Print Shop & Screen Printing, we’re here to help you with all your printing needs.

Check out this full list of hats we personally recommend:


Richardson 112

Valucap – VC700



Flexfit 6089M

New Era 402

Flexfit 110F

Dad Hats

Flexfit 6277V

Flexfit 180




Sportsman SP19



Sportsman SP08

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