Business Spotlight – Threshold Provisions

Threshold Provisions was founded in 2012 by Diane Hutt & myself, Josh Mitchell. We had grown tired of the options that were available on the market for tasty & delicious energy bars, so we started making our own years ago. We knew we had something special and worthwhile of sharing with our community. The flavor profile grew into four different options and we added wild Alaskan salmon jerky to the growing line of provisions

What should people know about Threshold Provisions?
People should know that in our minds, this is way beyond just nuts, fruit, & seeds. This is about creating real food that is a source of balanced nutrition without any bullsh*t or fillers. We love that people from all walks in life feel the heart and soul we’ve put into creating something special.

Tell us a little about yourself and why you started TP?
Diane & I spend more time than what is healthy for small business owners, in remote areas of the world. Alaska & Antarctica are the primary arenas that we travel to on a semi annual basis. We work as commercial salmon fisher(wo)men as well as for the US Antarctic Program supporting NSF funded scientific research. Being away from home with limited provisions is what created the need for our own source of healthy nutrition on the go.

Whats your background?
My background is in historic home renovations and commercial fishing in Alaska. Diane’s background in biology, fine arts, AK fishing, & Antarctic science support.

How did you end up in Asheville?
Diane was born and raised here. I moved here a decade ago because I’m in love with WNC. I grew up in NC and would come to these mountains as a kid with my family. It’s always been a special place in which my fondness has only grown the more I’ve been away.

You seem to work a lot in the active/outdoor community tell us how you landed there.
Working outdoors has always been the natural path for me to take in life. Extreme environments are a source of inspiration and a space in which we find gratitude for the small things we take for granted in our home life. As mountain athletes, our connection to the outdoor community has come as a result of our enjoyment of play, friends, & nature.

Why should people know about Threshold Provisions?
What we offer to our community, our friends, & family is genuine. Where we lack as entrepreneurs, we excel as caring, quality people that strive to do what’s right for ourselves and those around us. The food system is broken in our nation which is a direct result of why America is so unhealthy. We want to be part of the mindset that is gaining momentum, in which people are consciously choosing high quality and integrity of the food that they consume.

What is your most popular product?
Our most popular product is definitely our threshold bars. We sell many more of them than our salmon jerky because of the price point. That being said, we still move a respectable amount of salmon jerky because it’s a touch of the magic that only Alaska can provide.

Whats next? Where is Threshold going?
There in lies the million dollar question. We are sorting through different avenues of growth. With the desire to create jobs in our area versus farming work out, we are envisioning the sustainable direction to take the business to the next level. What that looks like is being determined over the next few months.

Where can people learn more?
If you’ve read all of this and still want to know more, then by all means, please check out our website at

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